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Verifier of the world’s most trusted green lab certification

Impact Laboratories is advancing the My Green Lab Certification program through third-party verification.

This ensures the certification adopts international best practice and provides verified impact – giving scientists and their organizations yet another reason to embrace the world’s most trusted green lab certification.

For further details about the launch of Impact Laboratories, please view our recent press release.
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Accelerating progress to a global culture of sustainability in science

Third-party verification ensures My Green Lab Certification adopts international best practice and provides verified impact.
We provide credible and measurable ways to help scientists understand the positive impact they can have in accelerating the shift to more sustainable practices.
We continuously invest in technology, and innovate to ensure our certification platform drives real impact.
“My Green Lab Certification is a key way in which we are accelerating emissions reduction in healthcare R&D and instilling a culture of sustainability at AstraZeneca. We are encouraged to see My Green Lab raise the bar yet again and align with international best practice by providing third-party verification to enhance the rigor of this powerful certification platform.”
Penny James, COO
Biopharmaceuticals, AstraZeneca
Board Member, My Green Lab
“Quality, integrity, and community are at the heart of My Green Lab’s mission. We are constantly working to strengthen our programs and enhance our impact. Third-party verification is the next step that helps drive action and impact in one of the industry’s most challenging arenas: labs and lab supply chains."
Jeffrey Whitford, Vice President, Sustainability and Social Business Innovation
MilliporeSigma, the US and Canada Life Science business of Merck KGaA
Board Member, My Green Lab
"My Green Lab is helping to transform the entire academic scientific community through their program and tools, and third-party certification is an important next step to ensure impact. We have certified over 200 labs at UAB and we are excited to take advantage of the new resources and tools that Impact laboratories will be providing the academic community."
Nick Ciancio, Sustainability Coordinator
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Steering Committee Member, My Green Lab
WHO it's FOR

Third-party verification will help the entire scientific community


My Green Lab Certification was selected as a critical indicator of progress for the UN Race to Zero Breakthrough Outcomes Campaign and endorsed by the Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE).

Biotech & pharma

The UN Breakthroughs Campaign set a target that 95% of labs in biotech and pharma are My Green Lab Certified at the highest level by 2030, and many of the world's leading scientific companies are on track to achieve that goal.

Commercial labs

Laboratories use up to 10 times more energy per square meter than a typical office building. My Green Lab Certification is a proven process for helping commercial labs of all types reduce their environmental impact.